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About Us

Roundgist.com is a website created by Mr. Innocent Fortunatus Chidera (Mr.Fame), during the month of July in the year 2016.

Its objectives is bringing the amazing viewers with all the Latest News and unlimited informations from all over the world on Entertainment, Music, Sports, Politics, Relationship, Love And Lifestyle, Poem and so much more.
The website is designed in a very unique way, which makes it user friendly and less data consuming.

Our publishers Are well trained media personals that believe in True And credible means of getting informations and simplified ways of passing it through to the general public.

At Roundgist, We believe in Credibility and Truth, And We know the Information is The gateway to Knowledge.

From Our C.E.O
There is more to Life than Just Living, We All Re created with Special abilities that no one else has, And these Abilities Are needed In Our Society Today And Only Us Can Provide Them. Live And Leave A Legacy Because Is The Only Immortality Available to Man.
                                                                           Innocent Fortunatus Fame
                                                                                C.E.O Roundgist.com
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