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Sunday, 10 March 2019

Ladies !Check out protective hairstyles ideas when going on vacation

I am sure you know that the list had to start off with every woman’s go to protective style, box braids! There is something so earthy feeling about a long set of box braids at the beach, whether they’re worn down or in a high bun. Get the style much more quickly by opting for crochet box braids, or get a bob length. Just make sure your braider doesn’t take your edges! Here are tips for what to do when you take down your braids.


If you’re pressed for time but still want to protect your hair before a vacation, pack a few headscarves and headwraps and match them to your different outfits! You can rock your hair underneath in cornrows or two strand twists, making it easy to get your hair wet, cowash it, and still be cute for dinner time. The wrap life sells beautiful wraps in assorted patterns, or if you struggle with tying them, get a few premade wraps from constant covering.


Ghana cornrows, ghana braids, banana braids, feeding cornrows, or jumbo cornrows – whatever you call this style, it’s a great option for vacations because it’s relatively quick to install, protects your hair, and still gives access to your scalp. There are so many different braid sizes and shapes so you can really get creative, and you can get them straight back or in a bun!


If you want to wear curly hair but don’t want to deal with the fuss of your own, find a kinky textured wig in a fun color and rock it on vacation! You can purchase synthetic wigs from places like fingercomber (use code “klassykinks” for upgraded shipping), or even make your own if you want to be adventurous. Licensed cosmetologist & blogger Maria Antoinette has AMAZING wig tutorials, but also is about to launch a line of wigs called Royal Perogative !


This is probably my favorite option because it’s not too heavy, is really versatile, and works with almost all of the above options. You can wear two styles in one by installing marley hair and wearing it straight for a day or two, then curling the hair for a curlier look. I already mentioned crochet box braids, but you can crochet senegalese twists, havana twists, faux locs, or precurled Curlkalon hair! If you plan on getting in the water I don’t recommend using marley or Curlkalon hair, but twists, braids, or locs would be great options.


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