‘He Has To Be Way Richer Than I Am’ – Curvy Nollywood Actress Reveals The Qualities Of The Man She’d Like To Marry - ROUND GIST

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Wednesday, 27 February 2019

‘He Has To Be Way Richer Than I Am’ – Curvy Nollywood Actress Reveals The Qualities Of The Man She’d Like To Marry

The tall, curvy and beautiful actress, Constance Owoyomi, is one of the exciting characters in the Africa Magic soap opera, Tinsel. Presently, she is one of the most successful actors on Tinsel, having thousands of followers and other business concerns to her credit. The Political Science Graduate from the University Of Lagos is presently on set of Amanda Ebeye’s new TV series; Its A Crazy World. In a recent interview, Owoyemi revealed some interesting facts about her love life, challenges and aspirations.

When she was asked about marriage, the actress said, “No! I’m not yet married. You’re doing a 9-5 job, from work to location, how and when then do you have time for yourself and your partner? Well, we make time from no time. But there’s no he at the moment. I would rather not talk about it.” She also went on to describe her kind of man as “Tall, dark, handsome, God-fearing. Someone who has lots of core values. He has to be dark, because I am light skinned, I want someone that would compliment me.” She also added that the lucky guy has to be rich. She said, “Of course. It’s very important. He has to. Finance is key. I have worked my way up here, I’ll not date or marry someone that I am richer than. He has to be way richer than I am. I’m also tall, 5.8″, so he has to be taller than I am. My dad was 6.4″, so I know it’s very possible. God can send me a 6.4″ too.”

On her industry experience, when she was asked if her curves and height gave her an edge in the industry, she replied thus; “Well, not necessarily. I know in the Industry looks matter but I think content is also key. You can’t have the look and then no content to deliver. But maybe because I have both, it’s an added advantage. Because when ladies that are curvy walk into a room, they draw attention and people would want to hear them. So, it’s always better you have something upstairs to deliver. You have to bring something good to the table in order to be taken seriously.”

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