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Wednesday, 27 February 2019

Approaching The Beautiful Woman: How To Handle The Pressure Points

According to Wayne Corey, While your goal is “Approaching The Beautiful Woman”, meet the kind of woman you feel you deserve, this also means you want to be screening others out. You do not want someone that is a user or into only material things. If a woman asks: What kind of car do you drive? Not that it matters… It says it really does matter to her. Tell her you rode the bus, walked, came on skates, etc.

If she asks where you live, tell her something silly like: Well, actually, I was hoping to move in with you and have you support me and wait on me hand and foot. Be silly, outrageous, or be stupid. Do not give these types of obviously materialistic questions a straight answer. There are women that look for security and will marry a guy they do not love. These types of women are only looking for security and don’t care who you are or what you are all about.

Women don’t lie, just listen carefully. If a woman tells you looks are not important, point out some unlikely man and ask: What about that guy? A lot of women will respond with: He’s not my type, even though she has never spoken to him before. It shows that looks are important to her. It’s not that she is necessarily being dishonest with you, but it does give you further evidence of what I mentioned before: What a woman says is not necessarily what she responds to. If a woman asks: Do you have a girlfriend? Be playful. You do not want her to think you haven’t had a date in 2 years. Respond with indirect or playful answers like: I’m just out dating and having fun. Or: There is always room for one more. When you come off with confidence, she may further test you with: Are you a player? You could reply playfully: Sure, I play sports. Or: I played sports in high school.
If she gives you the: That’s not what I mean. Look at her with curiosity, and ask her straight out: What do you mean? The point is, that no matter what her question, no matter how she tries to test you, you can’t let her think she can get under your skin. Keep it positive. Keep it playful. You should be the alpha.

When a woman tells you: Well, I don’t date guys who are players. You can ask her straight out: Who said I wanted to date you? Or: When I meet someone who is worthy of my time, I will be exclusive with her. I haven’t determined whether I want to go out with you or not. At that point, start asking her: Why should I go out with someone like you? Are you hitting on me? Are you fun?
The whole point to these questions is that she may or may not be interested. The lower her attraction level, the more she will test you. Pay attention to her reactions. Don’t be offensive or angry, but show that you could care less whether she likes you or not. Have her try to prove to you why she is worth your time.

Another one of the things that women will actually test guys on is to see how firm they are in their position. The guy will say something to the effect of: Oh, I like blue colored cars. She might respond with: I don’t like blue colored cars. I like red colored cars. Some guys will turn around and change their opinion to match hers, trying to please her. They think that’s what she wants. He will then say something like: Well, blue really… Now that I think about it, I actually do like red more than I like blue. I guess I have to agree with you. They will change one of their core beliefs on things they want to match that of the woman.

She is trying to see if she can get you to change your opinion to match hers. If you go along with it, you are being weak and failing her test. What it tells her is that you will go along with anything she says. The challenge for her is now taken away, and she will move on to the next guy

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