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Tuesday, 26 February 2019

Anger Issues? Checkout Six Effective Steps To Take To Control Your Temper

Do you get irritated over minor issues? Do you find yourself fuming when you are amidst loud noises? Unable to control yourself when your child gives you a hard time? You have anger problem. Though anger is a healthy emotion, it is important to handle it in a positive way. Or else, it can ruin your health and relationships. So, are you ready to harness your anger? Check out 6 easy ways to control your temper.

1. Count numbers
Though counting numbers when you have lost your temper may seem a bit childish, it is one of the easiest ways to cool down. Simply close your eyes and then count from 1 to 10 in ascending and then in descending order. This method works like a miracle.

2. Write it down
One of the best ways to calm your wrath is by writing it down. Sometimes when you are out of your mind, your tongue loses its control and you may end up saying something you will later regret. Writing things down is one solution for this problem. After writing things on a paper, tear it off. You will feel much relaxed.

3. Engage in physical activity
Another great outlet for your emotions is physical activity. If you feel you will burst out in anger, go for a small walk or engage in some of your favorite workout. This will trigger brain chemicals that can help you relax. Learn about some relaxation techniques that can help you control your temper.

4. Listen to music
Music has many healing powers and one among them is the power to control your temper. When you are stressed or tensed, make it a habit to listen to some soothing music which will ease your mind and help you relax.

5. Practice deep breathing
Once you are angry with a person, the best way to calm down is by avoiding the person completely for some time. Take deep breaths for about 10 times. Inhale through your nose and exhale through your mouth. Within minutes, you will feel relaxed.

6. Tear a newspaper
Sometimes you get so mad at someone that you just feel like killing them. Pause for a second. Before you commit any blunder, take an old newspaper and tear it into pieces till you cool down. Sounds weird, but it helps.

In brief, it is best to try these easy ways to control your fury before the situation goes out of hand. Remember that your temper can spoil your life, so make a conscious effort to control it effectively.

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