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Wednesday, 9 January 2019

Visiting Your In-Laws For The First Time? Check Out What To Wear…And What Not [Photos]

Knowing what to wear, when and how is a fine art that most people have not mastered yet. Unless your dress code is selling what you stand for, a little twitch to make people around you comfortable will do no harm. Visiting rural places is uplifting. There are things to know before you travel. We have put together some important tips on navigating and understanding how to dress when visiting in-laws. This will help you prepare for your visit, help you navigate those delicate in-law encounters that probably come once in a year which, in turn, will allow you to enjoy your stay right from the start.

Self-respect is important when thinking of what to wear when you meet elderly family members in the rural area. “The first impression is the last impression” is the cliché to go with at this point, most people will judge you based on your first appearance. Top of the list of things in-laws look out for when you visit is your general dressing code during the time you will spend around them. They will either like you or judge you harshly over your dressing sense.

If you dress like a ‘Lagos girl’ you are more likely to be seen as not respectful. Conservative attire is a sensible thing to do simply because it doesn’t mark you out as too urban. Always wear something traditional on your first visit. Traditional does not mean something flashy with heavy embroidery work. Go for an elegant or simple cultural dress.

Beauty lies in simplicity, so go for a minimalist look. That said, do not be afraid to express your personal style in front of your in-laws, these days most of them are comfortable with contemporary choices of clothing. Your in-laws should know who you are. So, do not fake and be pretentious by turning up in an oversized dress.

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