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Friday, 11 January 2019

The DO's And DON'T's Of Wearing Short Dresses!!

The harmattan season is almost over. Finally, we can put away those long dresses, stockings, trousers and show off some skin. You must already have some short dresses ready to wear.

However, there are certain rules for wearing a short dress to help you look chic and effortless too. Read on!

DO: Choose An Appropriate Length

The definition of short varies from person to person. After all, we are of different heights. The ideal length for any height though is right below your fingertips. Try placing your arms at your sides when wearing a short dress. The dress should not be above where your fingertips stop. However, you can choose to slay in whatever length is most comfortable for you.

DON’T: Let The Panty Lines Show

Always wear seamless underwear or shape wear when donning a short dress. When panty lines show, they ruin the look and it wouldn’t matter that you’re wearing the most stunning dress ever!

DO: Wear Statement Shoes

Want to achieve that extra hot look? Wear statement shoes! Thigh high boots are great options but the way the weather is set up in Nigeria, they are a no-no. So opt for breathable yet bold footwear. Pretty gladiator sandals or lightweight/perforated ankle boots will sure be a great way to look chic and make a statement.

DON’T: Wear Too Many Accessories

When wearing a short dress, never forget that your biggest accessories are your legs. Wearing a lot of accessories draws attention away from your legs to the accessories. So decide, hot legs or accessories. Make the right decision by flaunting just those legs.

DON’T: Wear A See-Through Dress

Short dresses always show off enough skin so wearing a see-through one is totally going over the top. It cheapens the whole look, making you appear a tad desperate. So unless you are going to the beach, a pool or wearing a sheer dress (in which case you should wear a slip/camisole underneath to avoid looking slutty) it is best to stick to a sexy yet decent dress.

DON’T: Wear A Tight Fitted Dress

Short dresses provides you with that sexy, hot look without trying too hard. So avoid wearing an overly fitted one. The key is you can go for either really short or really tight but never both.

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