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Thursday, 10 January 2019

IK Ogbonna’s Sonia causes a stir with body waist as she preaches self-love

Sonia Ogbonna aka Sonialareeina_official on Instagram has got a lot of tongues wagging with the body ornaments she put around her waist, asking her followers if they like it or not. Yey or Ney? #obsessed#wantthemall where do I get them exactly like this guys? she captioned it.

While some have commented negatively, others have taken out time to participate with her, while correcting the mean ones.

The beautiful Colombian also wrote a beautiful short piece on self-love alongside a beautiful picture of her in the desert.

“Men are good to women who are good to themselves.You wont just dare do me wrong when you get to know me and see how good I do me. Its not about being “lucky” ,its not about fainting to preform a “desperate housewife” ,being “holier then thou”,or impressing /proving someone you are worth of this or that. It’s about loving yourself right & knowing what you deserve .Dont forget to acknowledge the Goddess that you are and treat yourself accordingly ,you beautiful,gorgeous,extraordinary supernatural human! How did they miss to teach us this while growing up ?”

Sometime last year, Sonia sparked off rumours of crisis in their marriage when she dropped IK Ogbonna’s name from her Instagram page.Sonia Ogbonna has reverted to her maiden name Sonia Lareinaa on her Instagram page which has got everyone talking. You’d realize that they haven’t been sharing photos of themselves together lately.

Sonia might have confirmed their rumoured split after she was spotted in photo showing off her ringless finger. The model and mother of one took to her Snapchat page on Sunday, October 21, 2018, where she posted a photo of fingers and she wasn’t wearing her wedding rings!

That might have just been the confirmation fans and followers needed.

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