“I Married A Man But I Think I Might Be A Lesbian” – Nigerian Woman Reveals - ROUND GIST

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Saturday, 12 January 2019

“I Married A Man But I Think I Might Be A Lesbian” – Nigerian Woman Reveals

I’ve been married for three years now but I think I might’ve made a big mistake. I used to be sexually attracted to women before I gave my life to Christ and it’s been amazing so far. I’m blessed with a couple of kids which I love and adore but I’m afraid, I haven’t been fulfilled.

Ofcourse, I love my husband and he’s been nothing but amazing but I don’t think i’m sexually compatible.
I’ve never been aroused by a man. Never enjoyed kissing a man I’ve never been sexually attracted to men, no matter how gentle they are. I’ve tried. Prayed. Fasted. I seem to achieve all these easily with women.

I think I need help, Even my husband notices how sexually lazy I’ve been towards him. I’m so worried. Kendall is often quoted in discussions around homosexuality in Africa due to her research on same-sex relationships and sexuality among Lesotho women.

Kendall spent a couple of years in Lesotho in the early 1990, initially hoping to find women who identified as lesbians like herself, she was disappointed to discover that no Mosotho woman identified as lesbian. Yet some of the women who befriended Kendall became comfortable enough to reveal to her that it was not uncommon for women to kiss each other passionately in private, away from the gaze of men.

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