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Saturday, 19 January 2019

Find Out Why Money Is Not Sexually Transmitted !!!

Kenyan socialite, Huddah Monroe took to her Instagram to lament on how she has dated billionaires and still not become a billionaire.Her purpose of the post was to advise ladies who always carry the notion they are successful or rich by virtue of the men they date.

According to the popular socialite, she’s dated extremely rich men who but still isn’t one because “wealth is not sexually transmitted”. In her own words,

I’ve dated BILLIONAIRES & I’m still not a BILLIONAIRE….. WEALTH IS NOT SEXUALLY transmitted! You gotta Slave for your own poo!……. All day everyday! Recall a while back, the controversial celebrity revealed that a lot of runz babes across Africa made most of their money from Nigerian men.

Taking to Snapchat, she revealed that majority of the men she’s dated all her life are Nigerian men. According to her, despite how people hate on these Nigerian men, the truth still remains that most of the ‘hoes’ love them. She wrote: ”Just realized all my life the men I’ve dated 99% are NIGERIANS… I am addicted to BAD boys … we all like to hate on them but we love how they hit on you with no apologies, as promiscuous as they are. You hoes love them . LMFAO! GTFO!”

Controversial Kenyan socialite and beauty entrepreneur, Huddah Monroe recently shook some tables after she took to social media to dish out some pretty interesting piece of advice. While many people believe in working hard for their money, there are few people who would rather get money the easy way; one of them being sleeping around for money.

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