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Monday, 3 December 2018


With so much money that hits footballers accounts on a weekly basis, they can afford any apparel of their choice. RoundGist will be looking at the top 10 most stylish footballers in the world.

Fashion is a way of life which can only be earned and these footballers have overtime displayed a high level of fashion and style in their everyday living. Listed below are the top 10 most stylish footballers in the world 2017.

10. James Rodriguez

James Rodriguez oozes fluidity and style, in both football and in his sense of dress. On his day, an attacking midfielder to match the best of them. The Colombian captain looks ready for an upcoming 007 movie in this supporting picture.

09. Alexis Sanchez 

The Chilean looks fairly relaxed about the situation if this photo is anything to go by – Sporting a classic blue shirt and smart trousers while greeting his beloved dogs at home.

08. Antoine Griezmann 

Dropping in at number 8 is French sensation Antoine Griezmann. He just so happens to be a man who can also throw some clothes together – nailing the skater-punk look in this selfie.

06. Zlatan Ibrahimovic 

With the time and effort it takes to train to build such a great collection, how is it that Zlatan not only finds the time to dress with style, but also own and run his own fashion brand, A-Z? It seems some are just born different.

05. Hector Bellerin 

With model-like features and a solid dress sense, the young Spaniard knows his style and wears it to his advantage. Seen here by Tower Bridge, London, brightening up a typical English day.

04 Lionel Messi 

The Barcelona starman, Messi is looking like a bag of money in the picture above and takes the number four spot on the list.

03. Cristiano Ronaldo 

One of the greatest footballers of all time? Almost certainly. And apparently one of the best dressed. Cristiano Ronaldo makes it in at number four in our list. The ex-Manchester United man has also managed to keep on top of his look throughout his blistering career, with modelling contracts and clothing lines in abundance.

02. Neymar Jr 

Just missing out on the top spot and coming in at number two is Brazil winger Neymar Jr. With a repertoire of skills unmatched by most today. Neymar’s confidence in his abilities transcends to his look, with a bolder than most style, earning him his spot on our list.

01. Claudio Marchisio 

Claudio Marchisio! It had to be an Italian! The man only understands ‘taloired’ and ‘fitted’ in his wardrobe vocabulary. A well-decorated footballer in all 

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