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Tuesday, 11 December 2018

Going to church Won't gurantee you a spot in heaven - Justin Bieber

He became so famous at a very young age hence becoming a global icon.

Justin Bieber has matured to the level of getting married and the world has seen him grow.The young musician has since married and more good news is that he is now born again.

Justin Bieber has been proclaiming his love for God in a lot of his interviews and posting on social media something he is not afraid of doing unlike other people who fear peer pressure to a point of denying who they are.

In a recent interview he went ahead and opened up about this wonderful love for God and what it means to him.

According to Bieber , going to church does not guarantee you heaven, however the society is actually what has made it known that going to church every Sunday guarantees you heaven and that means you are more of a Christian than others which is not true well according to Bieber .

In his view, God is based on love because he loves us despite the wrong things we do.developing a relationship with God does not mean you have to do something for God to love you. He loves you regardless. You do not need to go to church every Sunday to believe in God

The message caught the attention of many celebrities who have been judged based on what they have to offer. Many went to the comment section just making it clear that a relationship with God is all personal and only you and God know what’s going on.

Justin Bieber has spoken for many artistes even Kenyan ones like Willy Paul who has been judged by his fans saying he is no longer a gospel artiste and he does not conform to the Christian way of life.

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