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Saturday, 10 November 2018


Everything we do, how we behave is tied to how we think. The bible wasn’t mistaken when it said as a man thinketh in his heart so is he (prov 23v7). 

The question is who are you listening to? 
What do you feed your mind with? 

Do you know that many problems you face today is as a result of the information you have?

 If only you can change your source of information many things will turn around for you. Who and what defines you goes a long way in determining your thoughts and life decisions. 
When you hear someone saying; mylife is finished I would never amount to anything, it seems good things don’t come my way, find out the person’s source of information. 

Today’s sources of information are mainly the media; Hollywood, nollywood, music, magazines, tv programs and so on…. We listen and hold on to negative stories and scary stories. 
Some women do not allow other people carry their children for fear that they will be harmed. Other women do not tell people they are pregnant because they think somebody will kill the child People will tell you don’t tell other people you’re travelling Don’tbring any of your friends to your matrimonial home, they will snatch your husbands Excuse me, have you forgotten the one you serve? That witch or wizard you’re afraid of Is God not greater than them? Why are you leaving such a timid and fearful life.

 Why are you leaving in bondage when your father has given you freedom. Stop living a life of mediocrity and enter into the fullness of God. Bask in the Joy of the Lord, the confidence and assurance that God is in total control of everything. I am not saying be careless but be sensitive to the spirit, relax and let Jesus take the wheel. 

A story Was told of a woman who was said to be very fat, dark skinned and ugly. When they were about graduating from school, Her friends began to tell her, hmmm you better start looking for who to marry, get close to someone you know will look in your way because once you leave here now with this size of yours nobody will want to marry you, and this lady looked at them and answered confidently saying; my father Has settled that case for me, I have no reason to worry or get afraid, and she got married almost immediately they graduated, she has 2 kids now.
 How many of us will respond that way? Many will start worrying…its true ohhh, who will marry me…. What are you concentrating on? What controls your mindset? Are these your thoughts: If only I didn’t marry my life would have been awesome If only I did not marry my spouse things would have been a lot easier If only I can get married I will rest If only I can have children, my joy will be full If only I can get a new job.

Wefill our minds with a lot of garbage and we think only of the negative things, things that aren’t working. It seems our being happy and fulfilled is tied up to material possession or some sort of change. 

Truth is if you are not happy right where you are now I don’t think joy will come when you have those things you want to have. Think about it,is that dream job the utmost thing that will bring you your full joy, or the child you’ve been asking God to give you.
 If you keep thinking and worrying of sad and depressing things/situations or about things you don’t have there’s no way you will be happy. Know that God is a good God and He has wonderful plans for you. He has no intention or plan to hurt you. If you know your momanddadorsibling will gladly hook you up for a job if they have the means how much more of God.

 You need to change your perception of God. God loves you so much and He doesn’t treat you as you deserve, He wants the best for you He didn’t create you to suffer or endure life, He wants you to enjoy life right now.
 You limit yourself.
 A song writer said “oh what needless pain we bear” are you worrying about that irresponsible child or spouse. Do you know you’re bearing unnecessary burden, unnecessary diseases ( high bp, hypertension).

 Stop worrying over someone else’s bad choices, don’t let them take you down with them, pray for them and hand them over to God. The devil is out to steal your joy, kill your joy and destroy it because he knows that once he is done destroying every ounce of joy in your life you will be crippled. 

Do not let him do that to you, stop allowing situations dictate how you live or how joyful you are. Change the way you think. 
If you think there are 10 reasons why you should be unhappy know God has given you 100 reasons to be consistently happy. Discover your joy, concentrate on it.

 Do you know that Adam and Eve had everything, ( wealth, food, fellowship with God) and they were not saddled with burdens or temptations of fornication, adultery, envy, jealousy or whatever you can think of, Yet the devil sort a way to make them feel they needed more to be happy.

 Think differently or the devil will help you think.

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