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Thursday, 8 November 2018

MUST READ: Most intriguing romantic questions you need to ask your girlfriend

You had some sweet dates, and you already started dating. You call her your girlfriend, and she calls you her boyfriend. But how to make your relationship in this period even more exciting and romantic? The answer is simple, you need to choose the right topics for conversations and ask intriguing romantic questions. The following romantic texts she will like for sure.

Romantic questions for her:

Ever thought of your most cherished romantic dream?

How do imagine the idea of an ideal date?

How would you like to spend your honeymoon? 
How do you imagine it?

Where would you like to spend future family romantically holidays?

How can you describe yourself in childhood? 
A hooligan or a quiet girl?

What romantic dreams you have? 

Am I a part of them?

What made you laugh most of all over the past week?

Is there any sound you like the most?

 The sound of a burning fireplace in the house, ocean waves or a sound of a forest?

What do you think of real love?

What romantic movie can you watch again and again?

Love on the sandy; warm beach sounds romantic?

Do you want to stay so young and beautiful forever?

Have you ever thought to become a famous fashion model?

Can you say that the most romantic dates you have were with me?

Listen, I read today that you appeared to be in the Guinness Book of Records, as the cutest girl. Is it true?

What romantic song would you choose for a perfect date?

Have you ever dreamed of riding a horse on the beach under the moon?

Do you want to hear how beautiful you are in all the languages of the world?

What flower brings the most romantic feelings to you?

What is your most romantic dream?

If I could take you to any place in the world, where would we fly?

What is yours the most romantic season of the year?

Guess what you got me interested in?

If someone writes a book about you, what name will it have?

Heard me today on the radio Romantic? I was singing there for you.

What do you think about the love at first sight? Is it possible?

Name me the fairy tale are you from?

You look amazing! You are practicing fitness, right?

I was thinking to make a movie about love. Do you want to be there as a leading role actress?

Does love ever make you suffer?

Imagine that you have only one hour left to live, and I am close to you, what shall we do?

My dear, what style our house will have?

Are you probably waiting for the prince on a white horse? 

Here I am! How about a romantic dinner?

Do you like to be the most adorable girl on the planet Earth?

What action should I take to impress you?

Do you ever fall in love? How about me now?

Do you ever have morning dates? 

Were they romantic?

What do you think is most beautiful in romantic relationships?

Do you have a dream I can make come true?

How should a guy show his feelings?

Do you like when I call you a "bunny," "sun," "my soul"?

How can a man conquer your heart?

I wish I could spend days and nights with you forever! How about you?

What do you like most about us?

Describe me with three adjectives?

Do you ever dream to become a movie star? 

Can I take a picture of you?

Would you like to spend a sleepless night on the beach looking at the stars?

Girls always like to talk about themselves and love when their boyfriend is questioning them. 

Talking to your girl about some romantic ideas, feelings, and romantic themes, you can better know her and understand in the future how to turn her head during another romantic date.

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