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Friday, 7 September 2018

The right and wrong way to wear sneakers with a suit

Every decade has a power pairing that defines the mood in menswear, whether we’re talking the flannel-and-cardigan look of the ‘90s or the hoodie-and-blazer combo of the early 2000s. 

Today’s version is arguably the suit-and-sneakers pairing—nothing better captures the genre-mixing, comfort-forward vibe of our current times. As such, lots of guys are rocking the look and rocking it with pride. At the office, on the runway, in our magazine, and on the red carpet. Unfortunately, not all of them are doing it right. Here’s proof from last night of one guy who got it right and one who could use some help.

Don’t wear technical sneakers with a good-looking suit and denim shirt. There’s off-duty chill and then there’s ready-for-the-retirement-home chill. With a few out-there exceptions, this is not the type of sneaker to reach for when you’re wearing tailoring.

Dress sneakers—i.e. high-shine leather sneakers with a rubber sole—which make a statement against the suit without looking completely out of place, are great with suits. Try matching your shirt to your shoes it keeps the outfit from looking too all over the place.

There’s no doubt that the suit-with-sneakers thing is going down in history as an important, era-defining look. The question is whether it will be remembered fondly. As you can see, it all comes down to the shoes.

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