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Thursday, 8 June 2017

Woman who just turned 103 years old revealed the secrets to her long life

A woman from South Africa just turned 103 years old, and has revealed the secrets to her longevity.

This elderly yet very sharp lady was born in 1914. She feels the world has changed much during all this time, but that she never paid much attention to the worldly events going on around her.

“I never took part in these things… and I always try to do as the Lord asks - to be a friendly person, and to be a person for another person, to help everyone as much I can. I did it with pleasure,” she said.

This is precisely the key for Anna Beukes’s longevity, at least according to her.

She has 3 children and 10 great-grandchildren. “There is a great difference in the world of then and now but today’s life goes on, especially for the young people,” Beukes affirms.

She explains that she likes to turn towards her thoughts and feelings, but is always surrounded by young people –another key aspect to her staying young.

“In my life now I’m old, but even if I’m old like this, I can go on with technology,” she happily expresses.

Beukes stresses that she also believes it is very important to respect other people, to live at peace with everyone.

"My friends are all over 60 years-old, they are still young. We all have the respect for each other. I admire it and I appreciate it,” Beukes stresses.

Some centenarians still have a lot of energy left in them, such as this adventurer!

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